Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here's a bit of the video footage taken of Janna St. James the day she was evicted from my home. Most of it is just bullshit watching her pack, surrendering her drivers license for photographing, and stonewalling my friends, so I just pulled a bit of my friends trying to get her to explain, apologize, anything.

She didn't say much, but one thing she did take exception to was being accused of fucking with me for two years. She didn't seem to be concerned with the act of fuckery, but of the amount of time she was accused of doing it for. Newsflash -- lying about the existence of a man, pretending to BE that man, as well as his friends and relatives, screwing with the heart and head of someone you met online, sucks dead donkey dick whether it's for two years, a year and a half, or half a goddamned hour.

Newspaper article's on the verge of being published, apparently the holdup has been the haggling over movie rights. Funny, eh? They'll make any goddamned thing into a movie these days. Link forthcoming. For now, enjoy the video.