Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanks to, uh, Anonymous.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 1, 2010

family tree

So, because a few people have asked, and since I already had this cobbled together for my lawsuit, I thought this might help clear up some confusion as to who was who in the great Janna clusterfuck of bullshit.

I marked in red the characters Janna produced photos for, and if they've been confirmed as other people, I've put that in also.  This is a tad out of date, I've learned a lot more about Janna's real life as well as getting more feedback on photos since I put this together several years ago, but I'm sure as hell not going to be spending time updating.  You get my drift.  The purple star is to indicate the people in "Jesse's" circle that I had some communication with, either by direct phone or email contact, or by their posting on one blog or another of "Jesse's" or on the post-death tribute blog.  There are a shit-ton of other players in this charade, firemen cohorts and other local residents who were friends and acquaintances of "Jesse's" and suchlike, but these folks outlined here were the regulars in this little soap opera, who were either continually mentioned by "Jesse" and Janna, or that were active participants, speaking up for "themselves."  I'm so tired of quotation marks.

The little cluster of green you see down on the bottom, well, that's the true bit, ie the biographical details and photos that Janna produced about her own family were actually the people she said they were.  Except for her daughter having dated "Jesse," of course.  and probably a lot of other stuff, but you see how it became all snarled together into one quasi-truth.

You can click on this and see it in all its gory up-closeness.  It's a big image, but it has to be to make it readable.  Just warning you.