Friday, April 29, 2011

needs moar llamas*

Okay. I have to say, over the past however-many-years it's been (six, did I mention?) probably my favorite reaction to this entire awful debacle, and one that pulls me out of the funk I find myself in when I've been reading lots of holier-than-thou comments from people who think they're smarter than me, is the exercise in  FTW-ness that is Fandom Wank.

The sheer delight that these (what do I call you? "Wankers" just seems so wrong!) people take in the utterly ludicrous aspects of this story (and believe me, I'm fully aware of how much ludicrousness there is) is hysterical beyond belief. There's no anger, no judging, no finding lulz in how Janna pwned me. Just seeing the ridiculousness and rolling in it. They've just gone full throttle with the llamas. It's awesome. And just what I needed tonight. You have no idea. So, thanks, FW-ers.

P.S. Never mind John Fogerty, how can we set Harlan Ellison up with a bunch of llamas?

*via xturtle

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

uh, hi there, Reddit people

You guys are cracking me up.

A few things:

1. keep in mind that six* years ago Skype was being used for work conference calls and that was about it. No computers with built in cameras. I had an iSight for my Mac, but "Jesse" had a work laptop with no camera. MySpace was on my radar during the tail end of this stupid saga, but not Facebook. The internetz was not as sophisticated as it is now, you doggone kids. I'll bet most of you were still in high school when "Jesse" first contacted me six* years ago.

2. "butthurt weenus" is the funniest phrase I've heard this year. So thanks for that.

3. Janna managed to do this to people she knew BEFORE the internet. Face to face. "Hey, I have a friend you'd really like - you should be penpals!" Bitch is ballsy. She's been deceiving people, in person and then online, for thirty years. THIRTY YEARS. At least eight people that I've spoken with personally, not counting anyone involved in the "Jesse" deception.

4. Janna's description of herself on her blog was only added after my friends exposed her. Doy. Give me a little credit.

5. I'd be happy to do an AMA, but I think this blog probably answers all your questions.


6. Yeah, the money thing. I was surprised it added up to $10k, but when you're buying little gifts for someone, and also Christmas gifts for their friends and family, over the course of a year and a half, that shit adds up. That amount, though, also includes a plane ticket I never got to use because "Jesse" was indisposed when I was going to use it, as well as hefty cancellation fees for a hotel I booked that I was going to be meeting "Jesse" at.  But seriously, you people who are getting lulz out of this. Read this shit before you judge, okay? All I ask.

* edited because I realize it was six (holy fuckballs!) years ago. Not five. Sigh.