Sunday, November 27, 2011


...that's the year that John M graduated from high school. He went to Morton West high school in Berwyn, IL. Apparently his girlfriend Janet Hopper (aka the future Janna St James Priggie) went to another school in Cicero. Apparently John was a super-nice guy, and Janet was always a lying freak. His friends never understood their relationship, a sweet fella on the track team hanging out with someone even known back then as a serial liar. Even in the late 60s she fancied herself a creative writer. I wonder why that doesn't surprise me.

taken straight from the Morton West 1970 yearbook. John is on the left.

And, a few photos "Jesse's" sister "Alice" sent me of a young "Jesse."

Oh, Janna. What would John say? and what lie of yours was it that split the two of you up?

Anyone out there got a yearbook for Janna's high school? I'd love to see what her extracurricular activities were. Girl Most Likely To Become A Serial Liar?

Monday, November 7, 2011

the real "Jesse"

John M.

Those photos of "Jesse" are of John M, Janna's first husband (it is assumed he was her first, though certainly not her last). Back in the 70s when Jann Janny Janna Saint James St. James Priggie was still plain old Janet Hopper. Even back then she was lying like a rug, in Basalt, Colorado.

It sure is amazing what kind of folks come out of the woodwork. Who knew men read this blog?

Can't wait to hear where the St. James came from. I guess "Jann Myrtle, dogcatcher's wife" didn't have that sophisticated ring to it. Of course her lie about being the widow of a John Denver roadie isn't exactly aiming high, now, is it?

John M