Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, Janna's lawyer has bowed out of the case, and she's got a new person who needs to get up to speed.  More delays.

But I want to address something else entirely, or at least as part of a bigger picture.

I had another blog before this one, the one where I rhapsodized about "Jesse" and all the rest of that happy crappy.   I had photos in that blog linked to my own personal server, and a few weeks after Jann Hopper St James was kicked out of my house, I got a notice from my provider that there had been some suspicious activity going on with my files, especially a section I had uploaded for potential legal action against Janna, called "evidence," with screen grabs and photos.  Ew.  So I closed it all down in March 2007 - website and blog, because that creeped me out.

A little backstory before I continue : my friend Sarah and I had decided at the end of 2006 to start a company which we decided to name after my dog.  Of course, I had to reserve the domain name right away, even though we weren't anywhere near ready to use it.  I hadn't even thought about it since Christmas.

Imagine my surprise at, not 24 hours after closing down my other blog and domain, receiving an email from this provider letting me know we'd just had a sudden huge spike in visits (like, as in from flatline zero to hit after hit after hit), and that, again, the activity seemed suspicious, with several whois searches as well as many unsuccessful file name searches.  Really?  I asked Sarah if she'd been checking out our domain, absolutely not, she'd completely forgotten that I'd even reserved it.  So...the only other person on the PLANET that knew the name of our domain?  Janna Saint James, because I told her about it over the holidays, before her duplicity was exposed to me.  And sho'nuff, seeing the "Jesse"-related search terms was enough to creep me the fuck out.  So, clearly, Janna was still monitoring my blog, and had wrongly assumed that I'd moved my photos to my other domain.

A month later, I was still paranoid about Janna's deception, because she was still, y'know, maintaining that "Jesse" was real and I'd received a postcard from "Aidan" and a package from "Krista" from fucking AUSTRALIA.  I contacted the post office in Australia, asking them if they could pull the slip and tell me who the sender of the package was since I wasn't expecting any packages from there.  They said they couldn't do that, but that they'd get in touch with the sender and it was then up to them to get in touch with me.  Well, a very nice chap sent me an email a day or so later - turns out he works at one of those mail forwarding places - this one, in fact.  Riiiiiight.  He gave me an address for "Krista" in White Plains, NY (that turned out to be the White Plains Mall).  He even remembered what was in the package.  Bravo, Janna!  Too bad I decided to investigate. P.S. have a look at the testimonials page for a good little snicker.  "Aidan B" in Illinois left feedback the exact same week I got the postcard.

So...after all that, I started a private blog to keep my real friends advised as to my whereabouts, as well as where my head was at.  But...I decided to do a test and not let my friends know about it for a week or so, just to see if Janna would try to find me, even though there was no link to the blog from my profile.  I did know there were other ways to find blogs that weren't password-protected, and since Janna's poking around my other sites clearly established to me that she was way way way more computer-conversant than she claimed (and still claims) to be, I decided to see how savvy she really was.

It took a day and a half for her to find me.  My blog tracker told me that, and then she posted something on her blog, asserting that one of my concerned friends had contacted her with my blog address because they were worried about my state of mind, or somesuch horseshit.  Wow, what a headfuck!  Imagine if I HAD told my friends, that would've just twisted me up in knots, making me suspicious of each and every one of them, would've made me question my own sanity.  That's how she operates, and that's what she was counting on.

I bring this all up because to this day, she tries to tweak me.  That's okay, because it hasn't worked a whit since early 2007 - well, it at least hasn't made me feel paranoid and crazy, like maybe "Jesse" really DOES exist etc. etc.   It still irritates the crap out of me, though, but I don't think that's the effect she's trying to have.  And in fact, the irritation is more and more mingled with boredom of late, like reading all the books in Barbara Cartland's oeuvre, and yawningly realizing that book number 101 is just like book number 1, except perhaps just that little bit more ridiculous.

So I hope Janna Saint James Priggie is happy with her new lawyer, because she's going to be seeing an awful lot of her over the next couple of years.  And since the tweaks don't really tweak much anymore, I guess it's a win-win situation.

PS  It's amazing how much all my vintage clothing and household items have accrued in value since I started collecting it almost two decades ago.  I could go on for years.