Saturday, December 24, 2011

and a ho ho ho

Happy holidays to all you folks who've followed this crap and who continue to follow it (even you concern trolls and other assorted douchebags - hey, every family has its dysfunctional assholes, right?). You've made me realize how important it is to speak out.

This past year, we moved from Civil Court to the Supreme Court. Who knows what the next year will bring? There were no reports on any new hijinks brought forth by Janna, but we learned a bit more about ancient ones that she assumed were all forgotten, or at least forgiven. Odd how many of Janna's actions throughout her adult life have been unforgivable, and how many people who were deceived by her are happy to tell me their stories.

It's been a long journey from Janet Hopper to Janna Priggie, but she hasn't traveled very far.

Have a great and safe holiday, readers.

As for Janna, I'll speak for the dozens of women you've tormented over five decades: I hope you get coal in your stocking, and please go fuck yourself.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Friday, December 2, 2011

oh my.

Janet Hopper Myrtle St. James Priggie
lying her way through life for more than four decades
PS the Bay City Rollers called - they want their haircut back
Janna Priggie: club kid
Quill And Scroll pic
she looks so cheery

the future Janet Myrtle, cub reporter, on the school paper

and...Forensics. Still smiling. 

She'd place higher than third now, you betcha.

Ms. O

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

well, that was fast

News of Janet Hopper's ignoble life must be rushing like wildfire (heh) through the class of 1970. Should make for an interesting high school reunion next go-round!

J. Sterling Morton East High School. Class of '70. I guess it was the companion school to John's. How sickeningly cute is that? Almost like the boy next door scenario. So cute I could throw up.

And, no, nothing about success as a serial liar, but dig her specialties in HS: Art, modern dance, newspaper, library, Russian club, debate club, quill & scroll, and my favorite, forensics, where good ol' Janet placed third for original monologue.

I must get my hands on this yearbook, to flip through this and see the photos will be very interesting indeed.

But for now, let me break down the interests in high school which have featured so largely in her warped backstories for imaginary people and helped her hone her emotional succubus talents.

Art: it's undoubtedly how she's gotten in the door for many of these relationships. I'm sure her knowledge of art helped her form a bond with the ex-Mrs Fogelberg. Modern dance, oh my god, as the "Jesse" persona, she would never SHUT UP about dancing. Russian, another thing she wove into her story. Her mother was apparently Franco-Russian and never could lose her accent, kind of the way Janna could never lose her Fauxstralian/Brit accent. I'd pay good cash money for someone who had video of Janna speaking in her native Chicago accent.

But it's all the writing clubs she belonged to, especially the award for original monologue, that really crack my shit up. Oy, if they only knew then how original her monologue would get. Although it's not terribly original, I suppose - like Judith Krantz, it's the same old shit thrown in the blender and arranged slightly differently on the page for each scam. I'd love to know what her monologue was about. Perhaps I should see if anyone else in the forensics club can recall it.

And debate club?! Suddenly the reason why she's so fucking good at covering her ass, it all comes to light. She trained to be able to argue any point, whether or not she believed it.

Honestly, I'm surprised she wasn't part of an Irish or French club. I guess those obsessions came later.

More soon, I hope, with photos.