Wednesday, June 11, 2008

for Anastasia

Thank you for your story about your trial by fire with Janna. I mean really.

I'm nowhere near forgiveness for what she did to me, nor do I quite believe in the whole eye for an eye thing, so I guess I'm hovering in the center of all the Bible's teachings. What I can do is attempt to prevent future victims by endeavoring to ensure that she thinks twice before pulling this crap on anyone else.

Again, thank you.

AMENDED to add: I do have many people, pets and worthwhile distractions in my life that soothe and comfort me. The Janna St. James poison is diluted greatly by them, and I am grateful for that.


Elizabeth said...

I left Pagosa the year that Janna moved in, but she was very close to my friend Jen, and wormed her way into the lives of my dear friends Anastasia and Dan Fogelberg.

I posted some comments about your pictures, identifying the horses anyway. Also the man with the Llama's is Tim Carroll, someone else Janna would have met thru Anastasia. He's a movie wrangler in northern New Mexico.

I watched Anastasia go thru this with Janna, and felt helpless. I'm so sorry she is still hurting people.

For the record, you are NOT crazy, she IS lying, those pictures alone prove she misrepresents herself and the people she talks about. She actually DOES have a daughter named Jessica, whom I've met. The rest is crazyness.

Just thought I'd echo Anastasia in verifying the lies. I'd be one more person who would be able to back up your findings about Janna St. James.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for enlightening me further. The more I know, the better I feel.

Anonymous said...

I thought that forgiveness was the highest ideal.

After my run in with Janna St. James I see the flaw in this belief, as forgiveness is for people who can and do care about the effect of their actions on others, and are capable of change and of ethical behavior. Sociopath's are not.

And in terms of releasing ourselves from sociopaths, 'forgiving' them is not useful, forgetting them is.