Monday, December 29, 2008

too good not to mention

There's some sort of serious irony in this post of Janna's. Couldn't not mention it, seeing as how the whole romantic story turned out to be a fraud.

Oh, and I'm doing great. Thanks for asking.

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blumaestro said...

What happened to you was hideous. This St James woman is a full blown psychopath, and her lies and subsequent indifference to the harm she has caused must be infuriating.

People like her simply cannot, by the law of averages, continue to behave like this and get away with it. She`ll do it to the wrong person, or the wrong set of circumstances, and then, hopefully some kind of incarceration. Or worse, if the person she manipulates has a hot temper and a well stocked gun cabinet.

Good luck in your future endeavours.