Saturday, April 3, 2010

Occam's razor

Look it up.

This is it from me for a while.

See you in court.


SEADAVIS said...

And if you lose (again), will you promise to leave Janna alone?

Anonymous said...

As long as Janna promises to stop inventing alter egos.

In other words, no.

I'll appeal this to the Supreme Court if I have to.

Anonymous said...

I hope something good comes from this. If nothing else, that it stops some other psycho from making up a fake persona only to kill said persona off and hurt a tremendous group of people. I wish someone had had the guts and the persistence to do this back in the Kaycee Nicole days. It might have stopped Janna.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto all of this last night through a link from an old livejournal post. Damn, I feel for you! This is beyond screwed up crazy and I hope that the courts get this lady...this whole thing is just utterly disgusting. And the multiples everywhere-- Holy batshit bananas, Batman! I read through the links to the various blogs and twitters- how does she have time for all of this? Does she just not have a "real" life?!?

This does slightly remind me of another internet hoax centered in 2004-present about Andy Kaufman being alive and living in Mexico. It still hasn't fully been uncovered. I would like to see the wizard behind that curtain.

Anonymous said...

I would love Andy Kaufman to be alive and living in Mexico. I am getting sick of Janna's repetitious personae. She'll never do anything as groundbreaking as the Mighty Mouse sketch.