Saturday, August 7, 2010



Anonymous said...

Found this little satiric gem online today:

How to Dupe People in 10 Easy Steps! (from the back flap of the Sociopaths Rule Book)

1. Take no personal responsibility, even when faced with concrete evidence against you. Deny, deny, deny.

2. Steal when no one’s looking, or when you feel like it.

3. Pretend to be an upstanding citizen, people will always fall for it.

4. Run for office.

5. Make sexual advances to anyone who works for you, is married to you, neighbors, teens, male or female, basically anyone. (Just say you were joking if they want to file a sexual harassment suit against you.)

6. At NO time tell the truth about your past.

7. Use your intense stare to make your opponents (or friends) uncomfortable.

8. The truth can be used in tandem with lies, it makes the lie more credible. Crying makes it even more credible.

9. Use your charm to get out of a sticky spot. If that doesn't work, then use tears.

10. Always believe you are right. You are always right.

Anonymous said...

She's great at 8.