Sunday, January 8, 2012

to erase any doubt

Way back in May 2006, when "Jesse" was emerging from his own personal soap-opera-like hell, Janna and her best friend Annie Martel, who had once been "Jesse's" therapist, took him on a Memorial Day vacation to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. After "Jesse" died, Annie posted this on his tribute blog.

Worth the Wait

My name is Annie and Jesse and I spent some time together figuring things out. I'll have some more things to offer about him once I determine what the boundaries are. I didn't know him like the rest of you did. I knew him in solely a clinical sense until Memorial Day of this year, mere weeks ago. At that time he was tired of talking about himself and his "little miseries," "all the time." So I dropped my guard and headed out into a social situation with Jesse and some friends.

The benefit for me was complete. I saw him as whole person for the first time, not just the sum total of his traumas. Of course I knew he was special, but there were moments that imbedded in me just how exceptional he was outside my office or a hospital room. I watched him entertain dozens of children in a skateboard park while fireworks fell behind them. I ate his delicious cooking. I watched him swim in big water with three horses he'd just met. I've been around horses for 35 years but would have never attempted that. He was a horse whisperer. A dog whisperer. A llama whisperer. A fire whisperer. A child whisperer. A people in general whisperer. 

One of the things that struck me the most was the fact I never really saw Jesse smile until that time we spent away from the office. I'd seen his famous wry smile. His famous devilish smile. I'd seen his sad little resolved smile. But never a full, easy, natural grin. Until that time we spent together in "the free world." Then there it was. All over the place. A 1000 watt smile. I chose to capture it with my camera phone. I don't really know how to use my camera phone. It took three people to get the picture from there to here, but here it is. Jesse's full, easy, natural smile. We don't know for sure, but we think it might just be the last image ever taken of him. It's just a bad, dark, grainy dinotechno picture phone photo, butI hope so, because in that instant he was comfortable being Jesse.

Isn't that fucking touching? Brings a tear to your eye.

Here's the other part of that story. One photo amongst several that have been sent to me since Janet Hopper's youthful indiscretions were brought to light.

Holy fuckballs. First of all, did EVERYBODY wear jeans in the 70s? Second, yes. That would be a photo of a twentysomething Janna with her husband John M. Ain't they cute?

And it's her psychotic attention to detail, the little embellishments like "We don't know for sure, but we think it might just be the last image ever taken of him." I mean, way to pile it on.

Janna's sleazy deception just gets grosser and grosser with each revelation. "[A] bad, dark, grainy dinotechno picture phone photo" equals "low-rez scan of a decades-old Polaroid which is grainy because I cut myself out of a photo with my husband and blew it up to torment an innocent woman for my own personal gain."

Whoops forgot the "while impersonating John Denver's ex-wife on a tribute blog to someone who didn't exist."

Happy New Year!


blukats said...

Not to mention that pretending to be a psychologist also is extremely wrong and possibly criminal if she ever attempted to actually counsel someone.

Bravo for you for continuing to uncover more of this. Something about a person pretending to be a real person that makes me wonder if any of those real people could sue her for impersonating her. After all she did it to get gifts and such from you.

Anonymous said...

Well, the thing with Janna's stuff is, aside from when she represented herself as famous musicians, almost everyone else's name was changed to protect the guilty (Janna). She didn't pretend to be John Myrtle, she pretended to be a fictional guy called "Jesse" - in fact, most of the photos she offered up of him were all post-death, via the tribute blog, and through one of many of Janna's aliases: Will, "Jesse's" editor at AP, Aloha, "Jesse's" sister, other completely random friends and coworkers of "Jesse's."

In fact, the only real people in this mix are:

1. Annie Martel, who, from our one exchange definitely sounded like she didn't want to touch this mess with a ten foot pole.


2. Jessica, Janna's daughter. I think we're shit out of luck on that one.

Lots of the people whose photos she used for this scam (and others) are not pleased about it, but she didn't pretend to be them. They are nonplussed at the workings of Janna's twisted mind in weaving reality in with her fantasy, keeping some names, places, situations, anecdotes, tempering the bullshit with a veneer of fact.

As we've come to see, it doesn't hold up over time. Every scam of Janna's seems to have a shelf life of about two years, maybe a little longer when she started her life of slime back in her teens because they were friends before they became her victims. Her marriage to John didn't last much longer than a couple of years, and I'm still trying to figure out the long con of Janna's that resulted in her daughter. There's something not quite right about dates I've been given.

But I've got a pattern/rhythm making itself clear to me. Janna spends several months doing background research on potential marks, keeps quiet. Starts tailoring a man/woman to appeal to a few marks, and throws a few lines out to see who'll bite. Reels a few in, plays an intensive game over the course of about a year, pitting two (or more) people against each other, causing rifts in whatever community she's in. Then the object of affection dies and their friends come out of the woodwork for a while to tie it all up. In the meantime, she's already somewhere else, researching her next scam.

So let's say two years from start to end for each scam, although in the video shot of her being confronted by my friends, she seemed to subscribe to a year and a half turnover. Maybe she doesn't count her research and wrap time. I think it's four Janna scams since she was ejected from my house, so yeah, that's about right, actually. It's that overlap.

So, a career of scamming people over a 45-year span - that's 22 separate scams as a conservative estimate, taking into account certain obstacles like raising a child, getting married, or relocating because a scam has been exposed. I know at least one other person was wrecked to my level on the "Jesse" scam, but there were many others still affected. Same with her impersonation of Dan Fogelberg, and many of the others I now know about.

It's very possible that Janna Priggie has willfully defrauded over a hundred people over the decades, not to mention the hurt she throws on people one imagines must love her, like her daughter and husband.


Did I mention, happy new year?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if "SCAM" is the correct word for her doings, of course it is all a scam, a fraud, all disgusting lies, but I think it is more, like a rape of the mind, like a destruction of the human spirit, something more than a scam. Isn't there a stronger word ? It seems she takes pleasure in destroying friendships, breaking apart marriages, all so calculated and deviously done. She seems to live off the pain of others, although she took material things, I don't think that alone drives her, maybe she has so much hurt inside her and these evil skits she develops in this other world makes her life sustainable in the real world? She is a sick sick person living off the pain of others.
I can't imagine how difficult and expensive this all must be for you to keep at it. I just want to say "Bravo"

Anonymous said...

Watched "Catfish" again the other day, and just cringed.

It really makes me wonder, just how many other sickos out there engage in this sort of behavior. Boggles my mind.
The energy it takes to keep up with all of it could probably light a small city.

Love to you,


Anonymous said...

In 2009 she was busy fucking people over on Fetlife, a fetish website. She killed off the fake lead role in September. She was outed in various ways by several people over the next few months. Most people on Fetlife refused to believe who/ what she really was.

The language she uses in the post in this thread - when she was pretending to be Annie Martel - is the same language she used when talking about the dead character on Fetlife. Weird that people who read her writing don't 'get it' right away. She's so predictable and employs the same story ideas time after time (sorry Cyndi, no offense meant.)

In this scam she also scammed the daughter of her real life best friend (and her own daughter's best friend from childhood). Quite an astoundingly evil thing to do.

She tried really hard to get people to squabble over her. Some bit the hook, some didn't.

She also fake resurrected the fake dead fake character....not sure how many people she reached out to with that part of the scam.

Many people in the world don't get the chance to meet evil up close and personal (hence, concern trolls), but once one has it changes ones perspective on just about everything.

So, lying evil sacks of shit exist. People who maliciously create fake characters, torture others with the drama and trauma of the fake characters' lives, deaths...and resurrections.

In late 2009 - 2010 she was still in communication with some folks from Fetlife - in an assortment of other fake characters; and busily spending her time getting the various revealing posts written about her there removed. Fetlife could take a lesson from Live Journal and actually investigate assholes such as Janna.

After her best friend's 'child'was notified about her bullshit, Janna wrote a long revealing post on one of her blogs about what REALLY happened on Fetlife (blah blah, it wasn't me, blah blah, it was a friend, blah blah). Included in that post was a series of tells. Quite funny actually. She listed all the evil tech things she would do if she were evil. Ahem. She then posted another post with the same content - but with all the tells deleted. Perhaps someone has a screen shot of that post - perhaps it could be posted here.

Happy New Year to all. Except Janna.

Anonymous said...

This must be 'a post-rape' pic of Janna. Her being chubby and all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1: I think of her as a succubus.

Anon 2: there are too many Jannas out there, sadly, but perhaps if the Supreme Court looks at her forty-year history and at the growing problem of internet fraud in general, we'll get a ruling that at least makes Janna and those of her ilk think twice before getting into some emotional fuckery.

Anon 3: Sigh. She's relentless. I won't link to her blog, but last time I checked, both entries were still there, October 28 & 31 2010. Whoops.

Anon 4: snork!

Anonymous said...

When was she fucking people around on Second Life? I think it overlaps with Anon's post above about the fetish website.
And the Johnny Weir scam?

Anonymous said...

Well, from what I've been able to glean from the very helpful SLers, she appeared on their radar as "Jessi Gladstone" in late 2006, I imagine sometime around the time she and I visited Colorado on "Jesse's" birthday. That ended around summer of 2009, after "Jessi" died.

I was a little surprised at this timeline, thinking that seemed like an awful long time for a Janna scam, but then I figured the drama surrounding her betrayal of me probably took her away from that for a while, and sho' 'nuff, when you subtract the eight months or so that she spent threatening and intimidating me online, sending me things in the mail, emailing my friends with screeds full of lies, not to mention running interference with the other woman involved in the scam, it works out about perfect.

And then, of course, she'd been setting up the Fetlife scam probably as "Jessi" lay dying.

The Johnny Weir scam never made it to fruition, her exposure on that board was in March of 2010 and nobody was too invested in her bullshit. One again, perfect timing, she probably finished tying up Fetlife's loose ends as she started casting about on the Johnny Weir board.

Of course, I can't believe she's been lying dormant since. I expect I'll be hearing from someone else soon enough.

I can't tell you commenters how helpful you've been, not only by providing me with information (such as the fact that yearbooks are available for purchase from several different sources and how many John Myrtles there are in the US), but also for being a sounding board, for making connections that I somehow overlooked, and for making me look at this whole mess from a different angle.

You guys rock.

Chowdah Head said...

Who woulda thought that Annie Martel didn't know how to spell "embedded"?

Damn, that Janna St Priggie bitch is crazy. Won't be surprised if she's got some multi personality shit, like Cybil.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the details, did she do some kind of concert as her SL character or did SL characters do a tribute concert for the fake dead fake character? (Wow, you'd think she'd just want to go LIVE in SL - it's SO her oeuvre.)

I had the distinct impression that she used the 'true' experience of that concert (this is oh so complicated for the uninjannated.)as part of her scam on Fetlife. The fake lead guy character there was supposedly a musician (sigh, such a one trick......oh, sorry, forgot to add 'pony'). He played a concert with his 'sister' when he was about to die, and blah blah. She really gets off on excitement that Ms Saint James. It must ramp up some of the feel good parts of her brain that don't function properly. It probably makes up for the lack of 'empathy high' that most people get from being kind and generous.

Anonymous said...

@chowdah - no mpd, more like psy-cho-pathy.

Ms. O said...

The only way I would want to see a movie made from this would be if they showed HOW Janna did it. HOW she changed her voice, HOW she had things mailed out from different parts of the world. What excuses she gave when she was mailing the same person things over and over from different areas around the world. Maybe she told them you were dying, and collected postage from around the world? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

@Ms. O - If memory serves me right, JSJ had a brother who worked for an airline.

Is that correct Paula?

Anonymous said...

Ms. O/Anon - yes, allegedly Janna's brother David worked for an airline, but as I discovered after trying to trace the package that "Krista" sent me from Australia, it turned out to be a mail forwarding service. I think generally they don't ask questions, hence perfect for the creative Ms. Hopper St James Priggie.

Anonymous said...

She had an amazing run with Dan Fogelberg, his original website (run by a fan), and the original AOL message board. This would've been in the early dawn of the internet as we know it today circa '96 thru '98. She actually had access to him through a "friendship," mainly with his second wife, Anastasia (a very sweet and extremely "vulnerable" woman), and used the guise of "writing her dissertation" for her Ph.D. in psychology. Janna is a SheDevil. Period. I could tell you some stories!

Anonymous said...

Ha, love the word "uninjannated." You are correct, if you haven't been entangled in a Janna web you simply cannot understand the levels of complicated storylines involved in said web.

Anonymous said...

Ha! and by "levels" you must mean people just didn't know how low she could go, or how stupid her characters could behave. Nothing she did was believable in the aftermath, or intelligent, yet so many women were sucked into her web only because they wanted to believe it was all possible, decent women, honest women, innocent, trusting women who had never danced with such a devil.