Wednesday, April 25, 2012

so, that happened

I've been having such a great time away from this blog, sorry guys. But wanted to update and let you know that the appeal has been heard by the IL Supreme Court, and we're just waiting for a decision. So only the Shadow knows...

In other news, I did hear from one of Janna's schoolmates that Janna was ditched by John M back in the late 70s and was moved back in with her mother in Illinois for about a year before showing signs of being heavy with child. So who's Jessica's baby-daddy? Is it John Myrtle? Or perhaps this is where the St. James name comes in. Or maybe Janna simply doesn't know who Jessica's father is. There is a definite resemblance between Jessica and John M, though. Perhaps Janna went back for a visit to use John as a sperm donor (John Irving would approve). Does John M know Jessica exists? Vice-versa?

Janna seriously didn't need to invent people with soap-opera lives. She lives her very own. How sad.


Anonymous said...

Had an interesting chat about the motivation of people such as Janna, who tell a specific story, over and over. Someone suggested that she can't get over the loss of John - and keeps playing it out and PROJECTING the pain of it on to others.

Doesn't mean she isn't a psychopath. Just an interesting idea about why THIS story - which regardless of the lead character's name - is the same story over and over.

Janna may think her loss of John was the defining moment for things going to crap in her life - but more than likely her budding disorder was the defining impetus for the loss of John.

Anonymous said...

When will you know about the judgement?

Anonymous said...

I just read the May 24 opinion. I am sorry, the law is not very useful sometimes. What will your next steps be?