Saturday, March 31, 2007

As Shakespeare once said...

...the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

But, to paraphrase an old vaudeville joke, that was no lady, that was my internet freak!

It's funny, for all Janna's blowing smoke up my ass about my motivation for being with "Jesse," when I start going through all the receipts of the things I bought for "Jesse," "Rhys," and all the friends and family associated with him, and Janna and all the friends and family associated with her, I've actually spent a ridiculous amount on all of them, which really means Janna and Janna alone. Not that I would have cared, if her intentions had been honorable. I sent "Jesse" a vast amount of gifts, and "Rhys" got his share also. I spent a massive chunk of change on their Christmas presents, as well as all the movie merchandise I sent to "Jesse," and friends. I spent close to a grand on all of the Christmas presents for Janna and her family. I'd say over those twenty months Janna St. James was pulling her con on me she got at least five grand's worth of gifts out of me.

She pisses and moans about how my gifts made her feel uncomfortable, but I never got anything returned to me, so I guess she wasn't that uncomfortable. Certainly she encouraged me at times, she sure fucking didn't dissuade me from sending the giant Christmas package to her, either this past year or the year before that. Didn't stop her from ogling the stuff I gave her upon her arrival at my house last month.

I know. I spend time and dedication and money on people I think are my friends. Go figure.

Yeah. So who's the golddigger here? Hmmmm. Enjoy all those presents, Janna.

Zol er krenken un gedenken. Gonif.

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