Tuesday, July 17, 2007

adios, amoebas

I'm wrapping this show up, but because I'm a big fan of closure, I'll be throwing a few things up here before I call it a day. One of those things is "Jesse's" tribute blog. For those of you who either want a stroll down surreal memory lane, or for people who never did get a look at it in the first place. Good thing I save everything, eh?

You'll find moving entries from Janna (as bajo, or Magnolia, as she was known thereabouts), "Jesse's" sister "Aloha," "Annie Martel," "Cakey," "Krista," "Rhys," "Pavlo," "Tim," and Janna's daughter Jessica (as the second part of JSquared). There were also some of "Jesse's" friends from the Deadwood boards, who I know exist! Thank the Lawd for small miracles. And me, there's some stuff from me too. Try not to laugh at me too much, and remember I was a basket case a year ago.

Janna prompted me to take the blog private, because she knew freaks were reading it, and it made her uncomfortable to post there. More likely she was afraid she'd be found out by someone she knew. Whatever the reason, here it is, no longer under wraps.

Go to town.

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