Tuesday, July 17, 2007

in case you're still curious...

I thought I'd put up some more photos.

"Jesse's" alleged horse, "Bowie"

"Jesse's" alleged barn, and alleged other horse, "Shidoni"

"Jesse's" alleged brother-in-law, "Tim Kuippfer" and two llamas

"Jesse's" alleged grandfather, "Desmond" Something-or-other-Irish

"Jesse's" alleged father, "Davian Blaine" (the guy in the middle) in college in Colorado back in the hippie heyday

"Jesse's" alleged friends, "Bean," "Butch," "Cakey," and "Clue"

"Cakey's" alleged ex-lair, before moving to the wonderful house on "Jesse's" ranch.

Another pic of "Cakey's" lair

Another photo of "Jesse's" alleged ex-wife "Krista"

A photo of two of "Alice Aloha's" alleged teacher coven members - the one on the right ("Lesley") tried to get jiggy with "Jesse"

"Jesse's" alleged Argentinian friend "Pavlo"

"Jesse's" alleged niece "Oona" days after being born in February 2006

"Jesse's" alleged niece "Oona" a year later.

"Jesse's" alleged son "Rhys" at the wedding of "Krista" to her second husband, "Steve"
"Jesse's" alleged son "Rhys" about a year and a half ago

The famous "Jesse feeding a prairie dog" photo

A photo of "Jesse" that his sister "Alice Aloha" sent me

A photo of "Jesse" and "Cakey's" alleged wife "Amy" that was on "Cakey's" blog

The first photo anyone ever saw of "Jesse" supposedly taken Memorial Day 2004, I believe

"Jesse" with his alleged dog, "Hoot"

Another photo of "Jesse" from "Cakey's" blog

A photo of "Jesse" when he was an alleged child

A photo of "Jesse" the day he left the NY psychiatric facility (2004 I think) - he said he wanted to remember what his stay there was like

A photo of "Jesse" and "Rhys" that "Alice Aloha" sent me

A photo of "Jesse" and some guy allegedly called "Bear" or something butch like that.

Photos of Jesse when he was in Little League, before he was traded as a sex toy to drug dealers by his "fauxther"

I'm sure I have more photos lying around, but I've spent my allotted amount of time on Janna crap today, and have my real life to get back to. Who knows what I'll put up here tomorrow? Maybe I'll revive "Jesse's" blog. Ha.


yndygo said...

I'm noting that the picture of "jesse" and "rhys" is named JohnJessicaVista.jpg - one of the number one ways internet fakers get caught is by stealing pictures from other people and forgetting details like that.

Sorry you got taken for such a long ride.

Anonymous said...

I know that. That's how I first realized that "Alice" was truly Janna, going through the photos the day they kicked her out of my house. John is Janna's deceased first husband, Jessica her daughter.

SG said...

All the photos look to me like they were taken in the 1970s. Of course people today look like they're from the 1970s, too...

This is all enough to keep a person off the internet completely. (My fuckover happened with help from Comcast as well. Alas.)

Elizabeth said...

I don't know if you go back this far to re-delve in to this crap, but thought I could put some of the stuff straight. The first two pictures are horses that I knew well, they belonged to Anastasia Fogelberg in the 1980's. I have pictures of them above my bed even now. They are; the paint "Tataze" who was born in Maine, and stayed in my barn as a foal when Anastasia trailered her to Colorado. The other, "Shidoni" whose name is actually Shidoni, also a horse of Anastasia's, is a half sister to a mare that I still own. The large barn in those pictures is at Mountain Bird Ranch in Pagosa Springs Colorado.
I don't recognize any other of the people or photos.
So sorry you have had to deal with this.

Anonymous said...

The photo of "Jesse" and "Cakey's" alleged wife "Amy" that was on "Cakey's" blog...amy looks like the post rape ms jsj, don't ya think???

Anonymous said...

following up on my last comment about 'amy' - the photo is named 'janda.' sloppy sloppy.

she's way more careful with photos now.