Sunday, November 27, 2011


...that's the year that John M graduated from high school. He went to Morton West high school in Berwyn, IL. Apparently his girlfriend Janet Hopper (aka the future Janna St James Priggie) went to another school in Cicero. Apparently John was a super-nice guy, and Janet was always a lying freak. His friends never understood their relationship, a sweet fella on the track team hanging out with someone even known back then as a serial liar. Even in the late 60s she fancied herself a creative writer. I wonder why that doesn't surprise me.

taken straight from the Morton West 1970 yearbook. John is on the left.

And, a few photos "Jesse's" sister "Alice" sent me of a young "Jesse."

Oh, Janna. What would John say? and what lie of yours was it that split the two of you up?

Anyone out there got a yearbook for Janna's high school? I'd love to see what her extracurricular activities were. Girl Most Likely To Become A Serial Liar?


Anonymous said...

Seriously check this out. Amazed me. Again!!!

KumquatWriter said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting all of this. You gave me the courage to start posting documents and photos of *my* serial liar. (I also sent you an email, but I don't know if I sent it to the correct address.)

In any event, thank you so much. I've been telling my story online for a while, but it's reading your story that cemented my decision to bare it all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - jeez. At least he was real in her case, huh?

KumquatWriter - yay! the more people that confront these demons, the less they'll think they can get away with it. Or so I'd like to think. Keep fighting the good fight. Yours in solidarity. x

Anonymous said...

ephemerina said:

jeez. At least he was real in her case, huh?

Don't know, they never actually met face to face.
Her story took me back to the Innocent Age, when there were so many stories just like her's on the AOL board dedicated to a rock star.
The rumor was spread that it was the rock star himself, women were smitten, but all the situations turned out to be Janna and her cohorts.
Some women gave up so much to be part of the life of a rock star, just to be hurt in the end by Janna's games. Evil, sadistic, sick woman that she is.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that JSJ's real life daughter is the real "Jesse's" offspring. There is a striking resemblance, at least from what I remember years ago. God, she's got to be 30+ by now...

Anonymous said...

Anon former: I should put together a timeline of Janna's deceptions. I mean, that's pretty much what this website is about - to show past, present and (unfortunately) future victims the depth and breadth of the efforts Janna and her ilk put into their life's work. Dozens of characters with complex stories, psychological headfuckery, acquisition of gifts and money, emotional vampirism.

Anon latter: yeah, I was thinking that myself just the other day. I was also looking at the photos of her as a baby, posing with what I guessed was "Jesse"/John, but now I'm not so sure. Trying to place the evolution of him from goofy teen to cute cowboy-hat wearing vaguely hippie guy, I don't see that in the guy with Jessica as a baby. Maybe that's the St. James? So confusing. Anyone got any answers?

Anonymous said...

Well, lets see, she died once as Janna during her life as a Fogelberg impersonator, that was just one of many other personalities she played. Several other characters were either killed off or suffered horrible accidents. Just like a Soap Opera, her personalities always came back as new intriguing characters. I suppose she loved being on the computer stage. Maybe St. James is her stage name. LMAO

Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if all the characters and the story and a time line of each could be displayed. People tend to forget and it should never be forgotten, there were so many victims over the years.
Anybody got any memories to share? please do!