Monday, November 7, 2011

the real "Jesse"

John M.

Those photos of "Jesse" are of John M, Janna's first husband (it is assumed he was her first, though certainly not her last). Back in the 70s when Jann Janny Janna Saint James St. James Priggie was still plain old Janet Hopper. Even back then she was lying like a rug, in Basalt, Colorado.

It sure is amazing what kind of folks come out of the woodwork. Who knew men read this blog?

Can't wait to hear where the St. James came from. I guess "Jann Myrtle, dogcatcher's wife" didn't have that sophisticated ring to it. Of course her lie about being the widow of a John Denver roadie isn't exactly aiming high, now, is it?

John M


Anonymous said...

Unreal. Can't wait to see how this all shakes out.
Good luck to you, Audrey.


Anonymous said...

Is he dead, though?


Anonymous said...

Good Christ - have been reading through this (haven't been here in over a year - sorry - you see me on FB and wave at me every now and again) and I had no idea of all the updates. If this gets made into a film, what would your choices be in casting? LOL! My thoughts?
Audrey - Mary Louise Parker
Jesse - ah...well..for casting of someone who never existed, I think Garrett Dillahunt would do nicely, though - for looks etc...
Harlan Ellison - cameo
Jana - Earnest Borgnine
Llamas - themselves.
St.J - now on FB

Anonymous said...

@Ms. O - thanks for all your comments on the other threads. This blog has been great for giving us a forum to exchange info on the lying sack of crap and it's really useful.

Someone queried whether or not she wants people to find out who she is. Hmmm, don't know, but she obviously eats the drama that it entails. Poor piece of crap - I didn't give her any.

She is so severely disordered. People can't wrap their minds around what she does, because they keep trying to understand her within a context that they know. Until you meet someone similarly disordered, you have no context.

Lonely, emotionally scarred, abused as a child, whatever. Lots of people have those experiences and don't become what she is. She was born this way (no dis to Lady GG).

Anonymous said...

1w/2g: thank you for your kind words.

Ms.O: the death was another of Janna's many many lies, unless she has another dead ex-husband I don't know about yet.

St.J: not sure how I feel about MLP playing me. I hear she's pretty cunty to work with. Hmmm, so maybe that is good casting. Garret's too healthy to play "Jesse." I'd say that Gordon-Levitt person, or maybe Cillian Murphy*. Ernest Borgnine is a lovely man, I wouldn't do that to him. I'm thinking Tyler Perry in drag.

Anon: thanks for filling in for me! I'm working so much right now that it's difficult to keep up with much of anything.


*Chris Nolan likes those frail fellas, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

LOL - Tyler Perry, okay, now that I think of it, that WOULD work. Didn't know about the MLP personality issues - I was thinking along the lines of petite, dark-haired, vibrant. How's about Pete Sarsgaard for J, though in the one pic I ever saw, he reminded me a great deal of an old-time fiddle player I used to know from Hillsborough NC, named Rob Golan. In other news, I almost fell out our sunporch window tonight. I was wrestling with an un-cooperative window sash. I also happened to be naked (had just stepped out of the shower and realized that "Damn! There's a breeze; storm window's not closed and it's 35 degrees out there) Hopped up on the day bed to wrestle with that damned sash and lost my balance and was *just* able to slam with window down as I felt myself going 'overboard' I guess if worse had come to worst, I could've wrapped the Kawasaki's tarp around me but I would have had one helluva time explaining exactly why I would have been late to work.....

Anonymous said...

Well, if "John Myrtle" died, there's no record of it in SSDI for anyone who could have been married to her - unless he was roughly thirty to fifty years her senior.

Love digging for the sake of digging. Yes, I'm a nosy bitch.

Sanity J.

Stay posted for further findings. "Audrey" email me personally if you need someone with the luxury of lots of time to look crap up.

Anonymous said...

Audrey - any idea what the "L" sometimes used as her middle name stands for, other than "Lying"?

I've found at least six aliases so far and four cities in IL.

If you need a free and good source for death records - SSDI is the place to go. Can't find "Myrtle" the turtle anywhere.

Anonymous me again, you know,
Sanity J.
And yes, it's been a slow freaking night.

Jennifer said...

I've just learned about this situation a couple of days ago. I've shared it with over 3000 friends on my Facebook.

I'm behind you all of the way!

People like JSJ just make my skin crawl. They honestly see NOTHING wrong with their behavior and believe it's justified, and in extreme cases, start believing their entire story.

I'm not sure which one she is; if not both. Regardless, she should be considered dangerous as that's a mental handicap that goes far beyond basic human comprehension.

Layman's terms: that shit isn't normal.

Ms. O said...

I forgot about SSDI. When I did check, I wondered if he could have been her dad. I also know that not all people who died are listed in the SSDI, but in Janna's case, that would be a little too convenient.

Which brings me to my next thought: If he's not dead, has he been contacted to know how his image, even if it is a past image, has been used? How many other people saw it and truly thought it was "Jesse"? I know that others saw Janna's fake blogs she created to keep me occupied and they fell in love with or had crushes on the fictional characters. They were some of the people who attacked me after I removed the pages exposing her. I am thinking of brining back, at least the techno part of that site. Explaining how people can dupe others on the web, only I fear that I may help some sketchy people out there. With out pointing to a single culprit, the good just doesn't outweigh the bad.

For my mean streak: I doubt that she's had more than two men who can stand her long enough to want to marry or sleep with her. Even if they are minorities in a rural cornfield. *shudders*

Anonymous said...

St. J: Oy, let me see if I can find the scan of her drivers license, I think by law her middle name has to be on there. I cannot remember for certain. Maybe Louise?

Jennifer: I know! and she's been doing this for four decades, maybe more.

Kristy said...

To keep it real John Myrtle is an attractive man or was back in the day. I wonder what horse shit lies she told him to snag him. Or maybe she just got knocked up.

Anonymous said...

Kristy - I know! But hang onto your hat - I just received something in the mail...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true - she has actually has offspring. Scary thought. *Shudder*

Sanity J.
If we're being realistic about casting for her, what about Kathy Bates? On the other hand, I can actually imagine *it* being pleased as punch at the thought of someone being cast to portray her. Wouldn't I love to be the Forensics person attendant at the dissection of *that* brain - you know. Syphllitic, moon-bat crazy she is.

Anonymous said...

@Ms. O - in the last year or so while JSJ was trying to weasel her way out of the fallout of having conned her real life best freind's daughter, she posted her a longish post on one of her blogs about what she would do if she were a bad person and wanted to use the internet to fuck with people. Tell. Don't know if it's still up. She had reposted it without the 'specifics' but had left the first one up too. Might be down by now.

p.s. your mean streak is pretty.