Tuesday, April 3, 2007

and another thing

So I've figured out that Janna St. James was motivated in part by greed, I mean, who doesn't like getting gifts, right? Especially when the gifts are hundred-dollar notebooks with skulls on them, or shiny pink barbecues, or Coach bags, or pretty glowy LED purses purchased at considerable expense from Italy. And also when the gifts are things like attention, pretty easy when you're upward of a dozen personas.

I think she spent a long time staking out the Deadwood message board before she made her presence known. I think she saw I was a soft touch after I got ripped off by a boardie, and homed in on me, hoping she too could get her mitts on some material goods from me.

I think part of her was also motivated by some sort of sick lust also. She's spent so much bandwith denying her lesbian tendencies, when not one person brought that up, that I have to assume that she's a little oversensitive about this. As a wise grownup said to me when I was a mere child, a fox smells its own hole.

And about that I say, once again, eeeeeeeeeeew.

Yeah, so I said I was done with this blog, but obviously going through all the documentation and writing an outline of the whole sordid escapade has clarified some things for me. Not to mention packing up the many hundreds of dollars of stuff purchased for "Rhys" that I'd been holding on to for almost a year, which is now going to be dropped off at Goodwill this week, along with the special medical sliding shower bench I bought specially for Janna's visit in February, so she could get in and out of the tub.

The dollars keep adding up, as do the affronts. Janna is a grotesque, not because of the size of her ass (another thing she claims she has no problems with but clearly does), but because of how fugly she is on the inside.

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