Monday, April 16, 2007

a couple more faux-tos

"Jesse" sent me all these photos way back in July 2005. Anyone help me out some?

Here's a photo of the alleged AP office, although what Jesse's llama was doing in Denver, I don't know. The women are, from left to right, Jesse's alleged ex-girlfriend Jennifer, his alleged sister Alice Aloha Toklas James Jameson Kuippfer, and the alleged wife of his doctor friend Bean. I believe the llama's name is Lightfoot. Allegedly.

This is Jesse's alleged ex-wife Krista Andersson James Jameson Blaine.

Now for some photos of Jesse's alleged house.

The alleged desk Jesse wrote all his alleged AP articles at. He liked using a typewriter.

Jesse's alleged music room. Apparently he was standing on top of the piano when he took this photo. The vinyl allegedly belonged to his brother Starshine Saffron James Jameson.

This is Jesse's alleged living room. It's got a greenhouse with a waterfall also. Allegedly.

Here's the llamas in the alleged barn.

Here's the alleged view from Jesse's alleged bed.

Here's Jesse's alleged kitchen.

Here's the view up to Jesse's alleged bedroom and the alleged library.

Cute, isn't it?

Awwwwww, Janna, I'm just funnin' with ya. I know it's Dan Fogelberg's house. Or do you think I somehow managed to retroactively collude with Christie's Great Estates to dress up his house to look like Jesse's? Not Jesse's house, because there never was a Jesse. All you. All your photos, because hello, what would Jesse be doing with photos of Dan Fogelberg's house down in Pagosa Springs, which, strangely enough, is where you lived for a time. What's your issue with Dan Fogelberg, Janna? Did you get to go home with him once back in the 70s, and you brought your little Kodak instamatic to document the event? Did he fuck you and forget you? Or did he reject your advances entirely? You always said mean things about him to me, so I'm inclined to think that you were spurned somehow. Maybe he found out you were lying about him to others, since that seems to be your MO.

You really are a cunt, Janna St. James.

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