Thursday, April 12, 2007


So it turns out that Dan Fogelberg is still battling his cancer. I can't bring myself to throw Janna the emotional cancer at him too, so looks like she's off the hook, Fogelberg-wise, for now. I don't abuse my contacts.

I'd be curious, though, if there are any people out there in Fogelberg-land who've stumbled upon this site, I'd like to hear your stories, compare notes, as it were. I of course understand anyone's reluctance to dredge up old shit, who knows how I'll feel about this several years hence. My contact info is in my profile, or feel free to leave a comment here, if you'd rather go about it that way.

Janna St. James has worn out her welcome with me. I've jettisoned any possible sympathy I might have had for her due to her persistence in continuing the charade of Jesse Jubilee James and his fake friends and family. Had it up to here.

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