Monday, April 9, 2007

checking in

Just in case anyone's still keeping track, there's been no response from anyone in the "Jesse" camp about furnishing evidence to my suggested impartial third party that there ever was a "Jesse."

And that's the thing that made me suspicious of her, that made me want to do my own research. The fact that a normal person wouldn't react the way Janna has -- if, say, her friends confronted me and asked me for proof that someone I knew existed, even if I couldn't answer their specific questions, I would protest, or offer an alternative avenue of proof, most likely by calling someone else known to be associated with them. I would have behaved reasonably. Unless, of course, I'd been lying about the person her friends confronted me about. Then, I guess I would have barraged her with the same kind of virulence I've gotten from her since she was confronted by my friends.

Of course, it was the real Annie Martel who sealed the deal for me, telephoning me in response to a letter I overnighted her asking her a few simple questions (I don't trust the internet no more). Nope, she knows no Janna St. James. Nope, has never heard of me, certainly never communicated with me via email. Information that she's not bound by doctor/patient privilege to keep from me. Of course, this privilege, even if it were all true, would have been moot at this point anyway, because she'd already discussed "Jesse" and his friends and family at length with me in a series of emails after his "death." But, no conversations with me, at least not from the real Annie Martel, who now knows that Janna or possibly an accomplice has been impersonating her on the internet. And while the laws may be on the fuzzy side for impersonating people who don't exist, it's pretty goddamned clear on impersonating people who do exist. It's fucking illegal.

So, once again, I have to stress to those out there who believe otherwise, through Janna's prevarications, to do their own research. I do think the next time my friend Val goes to Boulder to visit her (journalist) sister, I'll meet up with her there so we can take a little drive down to the lovely town of Aspen and its environs, see what kind of responses we get from the old-timers to the packet of photos we'll bring with us. Possibly no response at all, since I don't really know where Janna lived with her first husband, and maybe she was serious about getting the rest of the pictures off of Google Images.

Hey, I wonder what Dan Fogelberg would have to say about all of this? Hmmmm. Sometimes having a couple of contacts in the music business really does come in handy.

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