Monday, April 16, 2007


...or should I say "faux-tos?"

Jesse's sister's alleged house and llama. Uh huh.

Jesse's alleged rapist Julia, with same alleged llama as above (but what do I know, all llamas llook allike to me). Uh huh.

Jesse's alleged friend Cakey. Uh huh.

Jesse, carrying his alleged son Rhys, going on a hike with his alleged friends and alleged grandfather Desmond in the middle. Uh huh.

Jesse Jubilee James, allegedly taken in May 2006 by Janna's daughter Jessica's friend Sarah, when they all took a Memorial Day trip to Beaver Island, MI, with Annie Martel (who, as you know, stated to me that she doesn't know a Janna St. James). Uh huh.

Confusing enough for you yet?

Hey, Janna, who's wearing all those pairs of movie merchandise panties I gave you, since Jesse and Amy are fictional and Annie doesn't know who you are? Or did you cut them up and sew them back together to make a pair that would fit you? Is your hubby wearing "Cakey's" jacket?


Jay Young said...

Did you ever find out who the guy she said was Jesse in the pictures really is?

Anonymous said...

I believe it's her first husband, John not-St-James.