Saturday, October 20, 2007

cash cow

Today I'm puzzled by people who seem to think I'm making money off this somehow - not sure how I'd be doing that. So, for the record, I didn't see a penny for that LA Weekly article, I'm not likely to see a penny should a movie be made of this (but I doubt it will). I didn't even go out of my way to make sure my friends saw the article -- a lot of them did, and stumbled upon this blog through Googling Janna's name (along with the other 25,687 people who've hit it this week). If I really wanted to make a buck, I'd be mentioning my business ventures here (it's cool stuff, you'd like it, oh well).

But. That. Isn't. What. It's. About.

It's about Janna St. James and her demented way of whiling away the hours in her sorry, tedious, unfulfilling life in Batavia, Illinois.

Which is why I posted a link to her trinket site a few days back. Please. Buy something from her. The trinkets are cute. Bitch needs to keep busy. It could be your ten bucks that keeps her from writing a bullshit email to the next Audrey.

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