Wednesday, October 17, 2007

confusion, misinterpretation, and other whatthefucks

1. The copies of all the various blogs I'm linking to were the actual blogs of other people, or, in this case, other person, being that Janna wrote most of them: "Jesse's" blog, "Alice's" blog, most of the "Jesse" tribute blog, "Cakey's" blog, the "AuTeam" blog. And of course her own. It's real easy to save a blog page and then re-post it with any changes you wish to make, or at least it is when you have friends that are geeks to show you how easy it is. I just saved them to have them, at first for sentimental reasons, in the case of "Jesse's" blog, because he kept deleting them, and after the intervention as a way of keeping track of the lies Janna was spewing. I still have the original unadulterated copies, which are timestamped as proof that they have gone undoctored, should I change my mind again about pressing charges. Which I might, depending on how much Janna and her Jannafestations (known in internetland as "sock puppets" - see, I have learned something new this month!) want to continue the denials.

2. And because I know Janna Saint James is likely to start again with her bullshit protestations of innocence and claims that everyone involved with "Jesse" is in fear for their lives and livelihood because I'm allegedly such a psycho, what the hell. I renew the offer for Janna to offer her "proof" to an impartial third party. I'll hire an attorney to depose Janna and two other people who have proof of "Jesse's" existence. The "executor" of "Jesse's" estate would be preferred, and one of "Jesse's" relatives. Birth and death certificates must be furnished, as well as government-issue photo ID, including but not limited to drivers license, passport, the ID he was given by the National Forest Service, Associated Press, and any other professional organizations "Jesse" might have been involved with. Janna or "Jesse's" family must also provide copies of "Jesse's" cellphone bills, "Alice's" cellphone bills, the rental agreement for the PO Box in Denver, and "Jesse's" emancipation papers, in the possession of the "executors." Copies of newspaper articles written by "Jesse" prior to 9/11 should be furnished as well.

If necessary, the attorney will despatch a representative to Colorado to speak with people who knew "Jesse," including but not limited to the firemen he served with, the people at the Associated Press office in Denver or wherever it is Janna is claiming that she worked as an editor with "Jesse" as her crack writer. Said representative would also visit "Jesse's" ranch and meet with "Cakey," who apparently is very hurt that I think he doesn't exist.

And what the hell, the attorney should also depose Janna's mother, husband and daughter, again sending representatives to whatever locale her daughter has run off to to escape her insane mother. Janna should also furnish the court documents in her case against the Mexican chappies who raped her, beat her, and left her for dead in a cornfield. She told me two of them were convicted and the other one ran for the border. And the European hospital records for her reconstructive surgery after the brutal rape, as long as we're at it. Oh, and that Ted Bundy article she wrote also. And the medical records from her frequent visits to the Mayo Clinic.

I will pay all expenses. Aforementioned attorney will take an oath not to disclose the "real" name of "Jesse" or his "family," but will issue a notarized statement confirming that all documents requested were seen, and that the proof is incontrovertible. And then I will apologize, pull this blog from existence, and I will ask Josh and the LA Weekly to please issue a retraction.

Till then, all of Janna's claims are heaps of bullshit.

3. And for good measure, for those of you who don't want to go so far back, here's the blog of the woman "Julia," who was stalking "Jesse" in Colorado.

4. Thanks but no thanks, Billy the Kid. I'm actually seeing someone at the moment, who really truly exists (I swear!). But for making me laugh, I'll send you an iPod anyway.


skooby said...

I kind of love the way you write. "Jannafestations" made me lul hardcore. I hope you don't mind me sticking around and reading. Nosing in to this Janna Saint James business is kind of like watching the potential fall-out from my own horrible mindfuck tragedy (which I still insist on participating in, because it seems like it's some kind of addiction. Although in my defense (ha) I do kind of know that it's bullshit. Kind of.).

Anonymous said...

skoob - by all means, this blog is here for people to read. Keep yourself safe, and aware.

A said...

I continue to be baffled as to why people doubt your strife so much. I take issue to people writing so badly about you as if YOU were the one who did something wrong.

Then again, fuck em'.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said, some people also blame rape victims for leading their assailants on, or are like Bill O'Reilly in blaming victims like Shawn Hornbeck. And they call me a loser.

Abby said...

This reminds me of that Ingrid Bergman film, Gaslight. There's just enough craziness planted by Janna St. James to make you doubt your own sanity. But those pics of Jesse look eerily like something out of the 1970s - and what's up with everyone and their llamas?? As you said earlier - these look like pics from her own collection, relatives and old friends who probably could no longer stand to be around her. I heard your story via Brin @ Diaryland and I am shocked and appalled - but not surprised. So glad that you're writing about this emotional rape and putting it out there publicly to warn and educate. That seems to me to be a very positive first step towards healing and taking some control back in your life.

Anonymous said...

abby - ohmigod, I love that movie. If I had even a fiftieth of the va-voom that Ingrid had, I'd still be too hot to handle. One of my favorite photos of her is one published in Isabella Rossellini's book, of her father zipping her mom's dress. The love and familiarity in that photo just make my heart go flippity flop. And don't give Janna any ideas - her next Perfect Man might be called Charles Boyer! Janna is obsessed with llamas, almost as much as she's obsessed with child molestation. I think they're cute, but I'll always have an eewy feeling about them from now on.

bzrd said...

hi there,

just spend my weekend with my jaw on the floor after reading the LA Weekly story and clicking through to this blog and janna's (funny thing... last night her blogger profile listed two blogs, but today (in 2009!!!) the "pirates like ham" blog is gone). hmmmmmmm.

i hate that there are such sad fucks out there that they think their sad situation is justification to get the attention they feel like they DESERVE through such fucked up ways... i mean, is it fulfilling for these people to feel lke they're lovable, as long as they're someone else?!?

anyway, just wanted to say that i'm totally absorbed, believe it to be true, and admire you for not being totally destroyed... i think i would be! solidarity against user cunts!