Saturday, October 20, 2007

is there a graphologist in the house?

I've scanned a few notes I got from Janna and her various Jannafestations. Any input would be appreciated, either through comments or via the email address I set up for this purpose, on my profile page. I reserve the right to publish on this blog any emails I receive at this address, so anonymous threateners, watch your ass.

First we have a letter from "Jesse," as a handwriting sample, but also another example of just how far Janna will go. This was a letter she showed to me when we were at "Jesse's" favorite spa in New Mexico, celebrating his birthday together. She told me that "Jesse's" business managers/lawyers sent her the letter after "Jesse's" death. She said I should keep it. Click on the pages to biggify.

And yeah, that's right, apparently there's "Jesse" semen somewhere, for potential impregnation of his ex-wife "Krista." And if we're to take Janna's and "Alice's" allegations post confrontation that every single person involved with "Jesse" fabricated names, professions, locations and fuck knows what else, how amazing is it that "Jesse" chose to perpetuate the charade of using his made-up name and the made-up names of his therapist, ex-wife, sister and son, even when he's nearing death and leaving a confidential letter with his lawyers to give to his most excellent best friend who he loves more than anything. Go figure.

Next up, a couple of notes from "Cakey" - one that was sent to me very early on, probably in August/September 2005, along with a couple of things that "Jesse" sent me.

This next one came to me via Janna when I was in Chicago for a few hours, in October 2006. We went to a restaurant and she gave me a little package from "Cakey" - a hat, some rocks from the ranch, and this postcard.

This is the first time I've looked at these since I put them in the box with the rest of my "Jesse" memorabilia. It doesn't look like the same handwriting at all, does it? I'm inclined to think that Janna either forgot about the first note, or didn't think I was weirdly sentimental enough to save it.

Now we have a drawing from "Rhys," 6-year-old son of "Jesse."

This was allegedly done in "Annie Martel's" office while "Jesse" was waiting for his therapy appointment with "Rhys." "Rhys" was apparently disgruntled that he had limited art supplies to work with. He called me the "land mermaid."

A postcard sent to me from "Aidan Blaine," "Jesse's" Irish half-brother, son of "Davian."

This was sent to me after Janna was found out and ousted from my home. I don't know if she was still trying to cast doubt on my friends' discoveries, or if she was just fucking with me, or what. I do know that she could have called someone in Australia and asked them to send it for her, the message is so fucking oblique it could mean anything, and means absolutely nothing. Sorry for what loss? The loss of "Jesse" or my dog seven months earlier? The loss of Janna's friendship? Means nothing.

I received this box in early April 2007, Janna still trying to do I'm not sure what.

The customs label is in what one would assume is "Krista's" handwriting. The signature, illegible. In the box was the quilt I'd bought "Rhys" for his fifth birthday in 2005, as well as the Mozart toy I got him. I reckon it's either a "fuck you" from Janna, or her still persisting in pretending all these people existed and "Rhys" just couldn't bear to possess anything given to him by someone as horrid as me.

Here's the return label.

The address? It's a mall. I knew "Krista" was loaded, but didn't know her family owned White Plains mall. Wowee.

A thank-you card from "Janna" and her family from January 2007, for the Christmas gifts I gave them.

And last, but not least, a handwritten note from Janna that she left me when we were at the New Mexico spa. Really. I save everything. Poor poor Janna, for not realizing what a sentimental packrat I am.

This is practically the only thing I have that's handwritten by Janna, most of the lengthy notes she sent me were computer printouts, and no, that wasn't a red flag neither. My friend Caroline does that all the time, and I know she is who she says she is.

That's it for now. I'm tired.


A said...

I know my imagination is playing part in what I think are subtle similarities. Things that, IMHO could easily be altered to write like "Jesse". The "Cakey" shit, clearly bogus. What would really be great is if a volunteer handwriting expert would take a look at this.

Just my 2 cents.

EDW said...

Yeah, I'd love to know what a handwriting expert would say. Man, this woman was so highly involved to such a level of detail...can I assume she does not work? Because who has time for this kind of elaborate myth? And with this flair for fiction and detail it's a shame she didn't channel it into something positive.

What a sad life she leads.

Anonymous said...

A - I'm 2 cents richer. Thanks!

EDW - she doesn't have a real job, don't think she ever has, despite claims of college degress for this or that (or the other), but she makes those little trinkets, hence my suggestion that people buy them to keep her psycho ass busy.

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