Monday, October 22, 2007

in a nutshell

Looking back over all of this, there's a lot to process, even for me, and I lived through it. So I'm streamlining. No point in keeping up entries where I rail about what a mean, manipulative person Janna is, or talk about how I feel about what she did to me, at least not every single one. It's self-evident. Anyone in their right mind can see it. Enough of you have read this blog, and my links to hers in her various incarnations.

So, I'm keeping the posts that have actual evidence, and I'm gonna summarize a bunch of the facts here. Keep it as concise as possible.

There is no "Jesse Jubilee James," or any of his "friends" and "family." We're still digging up facts, so you never know what'll turn up next.

I know Janna's jumbled Brit-stralian accent is 100% utter bullshit, as are her stories explaining how she came to speak that way. As are most of her stories.

Janna's family is well aware of her hijinks, and chooses to do nothing about it. It leaves me with little sympathy for them, for allowing Janna's sociopathic behavior to be unleashed on the unsuspecting.

I choose to not disclose my name here, because I am not the one who misrepresented myself in this whole hideous charade, and there are other people who are close to me who really do not need the exposure. Plus, I'm a little gunshy about disclosing anything too personal about myself in a public forum, unnerstand why? Janna Saint James insinuated herself into my life, my head, and my home. I'm still washing her off.

Janna actually has admitted, over and over, that she has lied to me. The dispute is the level of her deception. But whether Janna covered for someone else who allegedly exists, or whether she's just made the whole entire damn thing up, the fact still remains that she accepted gifts and money from me under false pretenses.

If everyone that Janna is "protecting" was so afraid of me that nobody could bear to divulge a single true fact about themselves to me over a year and half, how is it that Janna St. James still felt so secure that she would take a vacation with me, or travel halfway across the country to position herself in my home? And why would she? And what gave her the right, as someone who had lied to me for twenty months?

I have offered, twice, to put this entire debacle to rest by having an impartial third party whose expenses I would pay in full, depose Janna and "Jesse's" people, and offer up an affidavit stating that there is enough evidence to prove that "Jesse" once existed (without disclosing any identities), and that Janna's stories about herself and others are not lies. She chose to ignore that offer, and has maintained over the past seven months that I am attacking her groundlessly, even though it would take far less time for her to set the issue straight in a legal manner.

Janna's first husband John didn't die at his own hand, or of cancer, back in 1989 and leave her with a tiny Jessica to raise. The photos of "Jesse" are all of John, and I don't blame him for leaving her, not one bit. But he didn't have to die to do it.

Janna St James is NOT a nice woman. At least I acknowledge my vindictiveness. Hers makes mine pale by comparison, though, you betcha. She also isn't missing any lungs, nor has she had reconstructive surgery for the rape/beating she never received

FACT #10
Janna was never best friends with Annie Martel, John Denver's ex-wife, nor was Annie "Jesse's" therapist. Janna perpetuated fraud for years with people on a Dan Fogelberg message board, as well as in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where she lived for a time, and she spent enough time around Dan Fogelberg's ranch (and llamas) to take photos and use them a decade or so down the line as pictures of "Jesse's" home.

FACT #11
People lie. They do it all the time. I don't know anyone who doesn't lie. It's the scope and breadth of Janna St. James Priggie's lies that make her so, um, special.


EDW said...

Just keep hanging in there. There are plenty of us reading who don't know you, but can see the obvious lies Janna has constructed. Like a blog is proof of existence? Please. She's pathetic.

audrey said...

I keep coming back to fact #8 -- that she used her ex-husband's photos as "Jesse." So... she sets up this ID of "Jesse," but in her head it's all John, I'll bet. She proceeds to create a new romance with John/Jesse only this time she can't possibly play John/Jesse's love interest, so she has to play John/Jesse herself.

Bear with me here... she then goes on to declare eternal devotion to herself (didn't John/Jesse repeatedly refer to Janna as "sweetest," "dearest," and crap like that?). So, while John/Jesse may be having a romance with you, John/Jesse is still, first and foremost, emotionally attached to the darling, greatest woman in his life, bestest friend ever -- Janna.

In other words... Janna had a love affair with herself???

Now, THAT, my dear, is narcissism in its purest form. Not, that I'm expressing any real sympathy for her, but that is also completely sad. And, absolutely squirrel bait.

Just wondering a couple of things, too... did John really die, or did he divorce her, or what? Also, is St. James his last name.

I'm not asking to drag up personal info about them. I just wonder because if it's just her maiden name, that says one thing. If he died and she kept his name after she re-married, that says something entirely different. Same with if he died or not.

All this could also explain why she could cry "real tears" when she was with you. Maybe that was the cathartic "John/Jesse is really gone now" moment. Or, maybe she's just a really good actress. I've known really good actresses who could pull a very convincing, gut-wrenching sob-fest at the drop of a hat.

Liz said...

What happened to you is terrible but you are certainly not alone. Everyone who has spent a lot of time on Internet discussion boards have come across people masquerading as others or role playing or having dual identities. I'm sorry it went so far in your case.

However, I do question you publishing her name while not disclosing your own. You have a right to privacy but I think, despite all of the terrible things she has done to you, she does, too. She might be guilty of fraud but I think she could get you for libel if you continue to throw her name around so casually. The fact that I could find your blog so easily just doing a search of her name (after reading the LA Weekly article) shows how quickly her name can get spread around the cyberworld.

I think you might want to nip this in the bud or if you're going to feel free airing her personal information, you should disclose who you are as well. Otherwise, it seems a bit hypocritical.

I hope you get some healing out of this. But I think one can still be ethical even if one is feeling vindictive and is in such pain. I wish you good luck...and you have some great friends! I envy you!

Anonymous said...

audrey - John wasn't dead when Janna said he was. He was very much alive right through Jessica's coming of age, just not with Janna. Janna is a pretty pure narcissist.

liz - it's not libel if it's true. I invite Janna to sue me if she states I'm lying about her, especially since I've so generously offered to pay that impartial third party to clear this up, if she insists on asserting that she is not lying. She perpetuated fraud upon me, not vice versa. My point was to spread her name around the internet so she can't defraud anyone else. I speak nothing but the truth about that lying, cheating con artist.

Anonymous said...

very interesting....
I believe that sociopath is trying to wear her ex-husband's skin. She wants to BE him. That's what is happening here. She can't have him, so she'll BE him. This is a definite sociopath. No doubt. They all do that, they all want to be someone that they feel is a perfect model. They have no real self so they just use others to model themselves after. And she lives his life vicariously. I wonder what John is really like...?

Oh and BTW, Liz is most likely the spath Janna herself... LOL!