Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ooooooo Josh Olson!

Josh will be interviewed tomorrow online, at 6:30 EST. You can go here to ask him a question. Don't be an asshole, though.


Lori said...

Someone posted Josh's article (or a link to it) on AOL where he used to post, and I think we met there (in cyberspace) years ago. You were one of my favorite witty banterers. You were also very kind then, and I see that holds true now, too. And still so witty.

This almost became a much smaller world, because with just a little more free time I would have found those DEADWOOD boards, being a huge DEADWOOD fan myself. Yikes.

I'm sorry this happened to you. It would be nice if loving, trusting, caring, people, didn't have to put up walls to keep the Janna's out. I'm happy you've kept your sense of humor and sanity, and that you have friends to help you through this.

In a MOTW I think Rebecca R(something) Stamos O'Connell should play you. Or someone more beautiful than her. Happy Thanksgiving. Peace. -- LQ

Anonymous said...

Lori, jumpin' jiminy, was I kind back then? Compared to Joshy, perhaps!

My sense of humor and my sanity walk hand-in-hand. I'm a miserable shit when they're at odds with each other.

I just saw Rebecca Romijn-whatever-whatever wearing what looked like a totally vintage coat, pale blue and really nice, so she's allowed to play me. Once the writers are allowed to write again, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Lori said...

You were absolutely a sweetheart. I don't remember you once being just plain mean, and not many participants, myself included, could say that. I stopped by again because I forgot to mention your dog! I'm so sorry to have read in that piece that he passed away. My dog means the world to me, but I can only imagine how difficult that time was for you. Take care.