Sunday, October 14, 2007

sorry, "Q"

I don't communicate off-line with people I don't know, especially with free, easily-gettable gmail accounts and a brand-spanking-new Blogger profile. I know how you got the information.

But nobody knows where I am NOW. Nobody knows who I'm with NOW. Nobody knows what I'm doing NOW. And clearly, or you would have emailed me, nobody knows my email address NOW.

I would say that even if that information was out there in the ether, that only someone who had freakish tendencies would trace things as you have, and do what with them, exactly? Since February, Janna has bandied my name about and threatened and bullied me with all kinds of shit under her name, the names of "Jesse's" friends and family, and other random sock puppets. So fucking what? I'm not the one who committed a crime, unless extreme gullibility is a crime. Janna St. James pretended to be more than a dozen people, used the US Mail to commit fraud, milked me for gifts, used other people's photos, and impersonated people who really do exist. I just believed her lies and was a headwreck for nearly two years. In fact, let's say for more than two years, because the aftermath was tres headwreck-y.

Nothing more can be done to me than has already been done. I have nothing to hide, really, and only keep on the downlow now because of Janna's wackadoodle nature. Who I am really doesn't matter, because I'm discovering there are thousands of Audreys out there, most of who allow the Janna St. Jameses of the world to get away with their shit, the way that fine doctor you cite is now. If this all complicates things for Janna Saint James and keeps her from perpetuating fraud on other unsuspecting people, or even just makes it more difficult for her to commit fraud, then as our Fearless Leader says, mission accomplished.

So, again, thanks but no thanks, "Q." If that is your real name.


Bindyree said...

The USPS is a humorless bunch when it comes to people using their services to defraud people. Hopefully you have some of Janna's fingerprints there in your home to compare with the ones on any snailmail. Each act of mail fraud carries a penalty of ten years and many thousnads of dollars in fines. Hang in there! Best -- Brin

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they can just get Janna's fingerprints from her own fingers, but I do have things she gave me directly. What are penalties for packages sent internationally?

Bindyree said...

Hm. I'm not sure, but I think with for example the 'Nigerian scam', I'm thinking that any entity who is using the US mails to commit mail fraud -- even when mailed from abroad (pun not intended) is thereby subject to the laws of use of the USPS. Worth checking into!

Anonymous said...

Ooooer. I did register a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, so Janna might be contacted by them at some point. Might as well see what the USPS can do for me.

Bindyree said...

Well, at this point, it's actually a potential question of liability. Suppose your impostor eventually crosses the wrong person and ends up impaired or deceased? Her survivors are going to be looking for somebody to blame: Not trying hard enough to stop her from her activities, etc. There might some day be a need in a court of law for you to actually have to say 'I tried to get the word out about this person; I tried to file charges and so on; I did my best to stop her' so that no liability at all lands on your shoulders. Go ahead and file the Mail Fraud forms because even if all they ever do is sit in a file folder somewhere waiting for attention, you can at least say you honestly tried every option at your disposal to keep the impostor from doing this again. There's no such thing as too much CYA! Best, Brin

Q said...

This is a disingenuous response, Ephemerina. I neither asked you to contact me, nor do I desire it. I merely offered to share security information with you that you (still) seem to lack, and I provided my email address in case you wanted details.

I'm not interested in you personally, and I'm not interested in learning anything about you. I didn't search for your email address because I don't need it: you're right here. Nor did I check further into bittorrents and mirrored site(s), but again, I recommend that you do so (among other things). I simply wondered after reading the Weekly piece and a couple of blog entries here whether you're as careless as you sound, and I easily confirmed that you are. To point this out to you seemed a trivial courtesy, so I did, taking the opportunity to gratuitously express my astonishment and dismay because, well, that's what we humans tend to do when we're astonished and dismayed: gratuitously express it.

You're profoundly undereducated and/or naive about data collection, access, people, and the Internet. (No, this is not a new Blogger "profile," and in fact, I don't even have a Blogger profile; I logged in here with my long-time Gmail account because your settings require it for commenting. And whether "Q" is my real name is of course immaterial. It's not as if I'm trying to pass a check here.) You're also apparently clueless about P.O. Boxes and drop-forwarding, based on what you've posted here today. And finally, as it happens, there is no "ether": it's all visible transborder data flow...all the way down.

If, as you say, none of this concerns you, so be it.

Take care, and may you be granted discernment, peace, and well-being.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Q. It concerns me, but I don't know you from Adam, hence my reluctance to enter into a dialogue, however helpful it might be. Gunshy, don'tchaknow. Sorry if you're offended.